Unreleased Session Vol. 1 CD

Why would anyone buy a CD in 2021? Let me count the ways

Why would anyone buy a CD in 2021? Let me count the ways:

  • Getting stuff in the mail is fun
  • Superior sound quality
  • The artwork, lyrics, and liner notes
  • It has value as a collectable
  • To support the artist!

Way back in 2006 when I was dropped from my label I was shocked. Three top 20 singles, a top 20 album, national tours … and you’re dropping me? Say what? A lot of people think that when a record label drops you, it’s because you did something wrong. But most often it’s because you want to go in a direction that they don’t find marketable.

As creatives, we go with our instincts and the music we make must reflect that. Even if that means not abiding by the cookie-cutter template that most labels want you to stick to because that’s what they know how to market. In the end, most labels don’t exist to support musicians to chase their artistic ambitions – they exist to make money.

After the successful release of my debut album the LP in 2005 I immediately got to work on the follow up. I felt I had the pulse on the kind of music my fans wanted to hear at the time and I was determined to deliver. Unfortunately, the label had other plans.

With no label and 30 to 40 unreleased songs now destined to collect digital dust, I found myself at a crossroads. On the left, shop for a new deal, sign a contract and sacrifice my sound to make music their way and just be another number on their roster of artists. On the right, keep my sound, soul, and musical freedom and navigate the music industry as an independent. I chose right.

With music entertainment being more chronically sporadic than at any point in history, the ravages of technology, affordability and social media have shifted the power towards artists. We no longer need the backing of label to make music and connect with our fans. But with this power comes the responsibility of figuring out how to use this information to reach core fans with something they will love.

Unreleased Sessions volume. 1 is a collection of unreleased tracks, B-sides, and old school demos that march to their own beat, just like me! Songs that weren’t made available at the time they were recorded, but which are now reaching the light of day!

This exclusive offer is only available through my website for a limited time and is not currently available on iTunes or any streaming platforms.

As I continue my musical quest I look forward to many more sometimes challenging, but always worthwhile experiences. Here’s to hoping that you will join me.

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