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J-Wess Cd + Vinyl Give Away

Vinyl + Cd Bundle Give-Away!

Do you like contests? Me too! So let’s have one…

It’s no mystery why vinyl records have endured the test of time. Fueled by nostalgia and distinctive warmth that demands attention, vinyl has a quality that you can hold in your hands – something that’s hard to come by in today’s digital world.

Experience NO shuffle button NO WIFI issues just YOU taking a warm Phat uninterrupted sonic ride!

One random winner will receive a copy of ‘Unreleased Sessions Vol.1 Black Vinyl + Cd’.

Enter below for your chance to WIN.

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2 thoughts on “Vinyl + Cd Bundle Give-Away!”

  1. Damn I want this! It’s been a long time since cranking ‘what chu want’ in my new back golf in ‘04! I was there from the beginning, the come-up. This album needs to be heard at my housewarming party in a couple months! ✌️

    1. I only did a limited run and had one leftover hence the contest ha! Make sure I have your email so you get first dibs on the next run. But who knows you might win this one, my man!

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