New Album Coming...

Album Artwork

Happy New Year! 2018 is here!

I thought I'd be driving my electric flying car by now but nope, mine still takes gasoline and has just been fitted with new tires. Ha!

I'm all about New Years resolutions and this year I only have three: music, music and music! 

I am working on my second studio album titled “Unaffiliated”, which will be released through Rendition Entertainment, a label my team and I have started. This is going to be fun! I will be sharing the process of what really goes into making an album, from preparing for the album release all the way through to popping bottles on release day!

Under normal circumstances, I would wait until the final track listing is complete before taking the crucial steps of coming up with the album name and finalizing the artwork. But I have such a clear vision and direction for this project I thought why wait to share the excitement?

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