Keeping up the tradition of West Coast greats – DJ Quick, Dr. Dre and DJ Mustard – Producer J-Wess is set to be next in line.

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J-WESS Cornerd“AMAZING! J-WESS Has Unleashed 4 Bangin’ Ass Tracks That’ll Take Hip Hop and R&B To A Whole New Level”. – DJ AGENT 86  

“J-Wess is changing the way you feel about music! An essential must have!” – DJ KEN WALKER

“In a style that can only come from a Los Angeles native, fresh and inspiring.” – WORLD PREMIERE ENTERTAINMENT


“Growing up in California was my music education. It exposed me to the greatest example of music as a ‘culture’. It wasn’t just about buying the records, LA created a particular style, the fashion, the dancing. I see it all integrated into every music video in today’s pop charts. As a kid I was watching it on Yo MTV Raps!, so it’s unlikely that you’ll see it in my own video’s, I’d rather get busy and work on the next defining thing”.

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