The Experience E1: Making The Album.

Releasing new music takes more than just duplicating a disk and throwing a party, it is a creative process and a journey. 

The first phase of the journey is the pre-recording phase which involves song creation. This begins with whatever inspires me, which could be anything from a beat to chords or a melody. Days and nights are spent in the studio playing with arrangements, sounds and listening to other great artists and producers for inspiration.

So pull up a chair and join me as we begin this creative process together. As you look over my shoulder remember, it’s always good to hear from you, so by all means, if you ever have any questions, feedback, or just want to say what’s up, leave them in the comments below. Lets get it! New music 2017

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Baby’s Tears Ft. Digga & Jerson Trinidad


I’m always creating. I’m always looking to collaborate with other artists and producers.

Baby’s Tears is a song featuring two talented artists from Melbourne, Australia. Digga and Jerson Trinidad. I produced this track back in 2007 – 2008. Since Digga was heavily featured on my first album and had the public’s attention, the next logical step was to get into the studio and work on his solo album. Digga, at the time, was building up a fan base and had his own stories to tell. But, more importantly, he had an audience waiting to listen. Plus, in my head, it would be a no-brainer for the labels of the time to do a licensing deal for his album. Especially off the back of 3 songs and a album that reached the top twenty.

Digga and I had a great working relationship. I’d give him an instrumental and he would go away and come back with something banging. And it was no different this time. I can’t remember the original instrumental I gave him, but I do know it wasn’t the one we went with for the final version. Reason being, when I heard the lyrics he came back with, I felt as though the original instrumental didn’t do it justice. He was sharing some deeply personal experiences. And in my opinion, my original instrumental wasn’t supporting it at all!

So that meant I had to go back to the lab and come up with something I felt instrumentally and sonically supported the story he was telling. I not only wanted the listener to hear what he was sharing, but I wanted them to feel it as well.

After a few days of playing with different drum patterns, basslines and chords structures, I felt as though I had come up with the right instrumental to complement the story he was telling.

There was still one thing missing, though. The right vocalist. At this stage, I only had the reference melody that Digga had laid down. We needed a vocalist that could turn this reference into something special while complementing the record.

We racked our brains for a few days and came up with a vocalist we had been going to see sing around Melbourne for a while. His name, Jerson Trinidad. Jerson was a seasoned pro that would not only knock the chorus out the park but would also give the record a timeless feel.

If you ever get to see Jerson perform, ask him to sing purple rain. His rendition is tight!

Okay, back to Baby’s Tears.

Now that we found our vocalist, it was time to get him in the studio to lay it down. Jerson being the ultimate pro came into the studio took a listen to the reference and said, I quote “okee dokee I got this” and got in the booth and took the song to the next level. And this is what we ended up with. love to hear any thoughts or comments, just leave them in the box below.

Download it for free for one week, enjoy!.

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